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Going to Göttingen

Written by  Ken Ku
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On the Train to Hannover On the Train to Hannover Ken Ku

I left Düsseldorf today for Göttingen to visit a friend of mine from private school that I hadn't seen in over ten years!  Before I left for the train station, I went to the Deustche Post to mail off some post cards but the office was closed!  There was an automated machine outside that sold stamps specifically for postcards which is what I bought.  I just hope that I bought enough postage for each card though.

I still don't really understand how the post works here in Europe.  Someone told me once that for postcards there is only one flat rate for all of Europe to all destinations, but when I went to the post office I had to buy more postage so that I can actually mail out the cards.  It is very confusing.  If the two that I mailed out today make it to their destinations, then I know that in Germany there is only one set rate though.

To get to Göttingen I took the train and it was very easy to buy tickets online.  I found that the Deutsche Bahn website much easier to use than some other countries.  I was even able to find trains from Göttingen to Amsterdam from Deutsche Bahn.  I'm sure the other sites would all you to do that as well but it was very easy to find and buy with DB.  Also the tickets weren't very expensive either, there are some for only 15€!

My trip from Düsseldorf to Göttingen was routed through Hannover and on the tickets it tells you exactly which platform you arrive at and where the next train will depart from.  I love the fact that I know ahead of time which platform to go right when I get off the train although I always check again before I head up to the platform just in case it has been diverted.

When I arrived at Göttingen station, Lennard was already there waiting for me!  I feel so fortunate that the last three places that I've visited, I've been picked up.  It definitely makes me feel welcomed in a new city!  We walked back to his apartment so I can drop off my bags and grab something to drink before heading out for dinner at a local Cuban restaurant.

At the Cuban restaurant, we met up with one of Lennard's friends for dinner and drinks.  I wasn't particularly hungry so I settled on tapas.  Thankfully Lennard warned me that the tapas here at this restaurant (not sure about the rest of Germany) are actually quite big so it is more than enough to just order one.  I was skeptical at first because a plate was only 5,60€ but it truly is HUGE!  I ordered tomatoes and mozzarella with pesto figuring it would be a few slices of tomatoes and mozzarella but instead I got a huge plate filled with tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella drizzled with pesto, salad, and bread.  Definitely not the type of tapas I was thinking of.

After dinner, Lennard and I picked up a few more bottles of beer and walked to a park that really was an old cemetery and sat there to enjoy the view.  Lennard told me that people would picnic at this cemetery park all the time and sit around the tombstones.  I would like to go there during the day and see it in better light.  It was just dark and the tombstones seemed spread out but the park itself looked very beautiful.  It was enclosed by the old city wall and on the other side of it is the street leading towards Lennard's apartment and back into the town square.  After spending all these months here in Europe, I really wish that I can live in an area that had this kind of character.

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Ken Ku

Ken Ku

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