Thursday, 26 January 2012 22:16

Tried to Go Shopping...

Written by  Ken Ku
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No Where to Go. No Where to Go. Ken Ku

So today I just needed to get something very minor: some hair bands.  I know it is still Chinese New Year and everything so I expected that people would be out but I had absolutely no idea how insane it would be!  The normally 10 minute walk from my house to the department store took more than 40 minutes.  Sure there were lots of people milling around, but it was because everyone parked their scooters ON the sidewalks so to get off the said sidewalk took some investigative work just to cross the street!  Of course they wouldn't have hair ties at the mall, not even in the City Super grocery store!  I thought City Super carried everything, they even have concentrated April Fresh scented Downy!

In any case, I finally found my needed hair elastics, but I kind of wish that Chinese New Year would finally move on and that things would go back to normal.  I understand the need for holidays but when everyone has holiday at once, it just feels a little overwhelming.  Thankfully, aside from that one incident walking to the mall, I haven't had any real issues with mobs of people anywhere else I've been.  Or is that just because I've been at home most of the time?

We shall see about that tomorrow when I meet up with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin William.  Not sure what we're going to do yet but we definitely made sure to make reservations for lunch!

Till then...

Ken Ku

Ken Ku

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