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Pack Preparation Part One - The Basic Questions

Written by  Ken Ku
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I am an over achiever when it comes to packing for a trip.  For my last three week trip in March, I went to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Taipei.  Instead of bringing a parka in my carry on, I brought delicious homemade muffins and cookies.  Too bad I can't wear those around my neck while it snows with -5 windchill.  My light Northface jacket, hoodie, track pants, and scarf was all I wore while in Japan.  Everything else were t-shirts and shorts.  At least there were days where the mercury was above zero and the sun was shining so it really wasn't too bad.  Still, I managed to pack two suit cases worth of clothes yet managed not to have anything proper to wear.  While I did research what springtime weather is generally like in Japan, I didn't actually look at local predictions before I left.

So how does one even start to begin to even think about packing for a trip like this?  First, do some research into the climate of the region you will be going to.  Ask friends, use the Internet, go to the library, and use some COMMON SENSE!  It probably is fair to say that generally if you're in the northern hemisphere and went up north during the winter months that it will be cold and the days will be short.  This is common sense right or am I alone on this?  Also check to see how the weather is trending before you go so you have an accurate idea of what to expect when you arrive at your first destination.

Then there are many other factors to consider.  How many days worth of clothes should I bring?  A week or two weeks worth?  Synthetic or natural fibres?  What should I bring more of: warm clothes or lightweight clothes?  All-in-one ski jacket or a shell and layers?  What about toiletries?  Electric toothbrush or hand powered?  Bar soap or liquid?  Hand sanitizer?  Other miscellaneous items?  Sleeping bag?  Pillows?  Do I need towels?  Will I bring my laptop?  Camera?  Cell phone?  Other electronic devices?  Do I need an adapter for the plug?  There will be pros and cons to each questions so you will have to weigh them carefully based on your own needs and determine what is best for your situation.

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Ken Ku

Ken Ku

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