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Pack Preparation Part Two - Your Backpack

Written by  Ken Ku
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**If you're thinking about a backpacking trip or you're in the midst of planning a trip, your backpack is absolutely THE MOST important piece of gear you'll need.  While I can't help you choose the bag that's right for you or your budget, it might be wise to invest something that is comfortable and durable for your own body.  The following is just some BASIC information about bag styles and my experiences.  Go to your local outdoor sporting goods store and speak with their customer service reps and try some on for yourself.  Ask them questions.  Then you'll know what is best for you.**

Since you're going to be stuffing your entire life into a sack and carrying on your back for the next year (or how ever long your trip is) it might be a good idea to do some research into the different types of bags that are out on the market first.  When I first came up with the wild notion that I was going to go backpacking, I had no idea that there were so many technical aspects to a bag.

I went online and picked out one that was aesthetically pleasing, seemed big enough to hold everything I wanted to carry, and it even had a detachable day pack!  Good thing I went into the store (Mountain Equipment Co-Op is the best place EVER!) to check it out before I bought it.  The day pack was too small for my computer, film, camera, and other carry on stuff, plus the bag itself was gigantic.  When I tried it on, I looked like weird wiry insect with a prized possession.  Then I got the crash course on backpacks.

Essentially there are two types: the travel backpack and the alpine backpack.  At first I thought I wanted a travel backpack.  It has a large easy access zippered opening on the top, much like a suitcase, there are compartments inside, and other features such as detachable day packs.  However, they are not built for comfort and most are too large for me.  I probably tried on every single travel pack there was and finally I asked the lady that was helping me what are my other options.  Alpine bags.

Some of you might be more familiar with these types of bags as most outdoor enthusiasts use them and most backpackers I know use them as well.  These are usually accessed from the top with a lid that flaps over the drawstring closure.  They don't have much going on inside the pack, some have built-in camel packs, detachable lids that turn into sling pack or hip packs, but these are the heavy duty multi-day hiking, camping, all-weather type of packs.  The good thing about this bag is that because they are mainly used for multi-day camping trips, people put a lot of gear into them so it needs to be comfortable.  There are a definitely more choices in back sizes and litre sizes (how much the bag can hold).  The technology that they put into these bags are amazing.  There was a bag where the hip belt pivots with you as you walk making the bag virtually weightless!  That bag takes some getting used to though.

It was very tricky for me to find a bag that would fit my back because I'm between an XS and S or S and M in others.  So sometimes adjusting the shoulders on a small would make it too short but adjusting the medium would be too long.  It was VERY frustrating.  However, I saw a pack that I hadn't tried but but it was a small so I took it off the rack and was immediately disappointed.  It was a women's pack.  Well since I had already taken it off the rack, I might as well see how it fits.  I prayed that it would not fit but of course, it fit wonderfully.  I wish it was a unisex bag, I totally would have bought it.  Finally I chose a bag that was a 60L hybrid alpine bag meaning it had a zipper on the front to access the compartment as well as the lid and drawstring top.  This pack fit me so perfectly that when I tested it out with all simulated gear at 35lbs it felt as if there was no weight on my shoulders or back at all.  The distribution of weight was phenomenal!  Ask me that same question in a year after my trip and hopefully the answer will remain the same.

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Ken Ku

Ken Ku

A photographer/printmaker/perpetual wanderer going on a backpacking adventure around the world.  Follow my journey as I discover new places and meet new people!

Website: www.kenkuphotography.ca


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