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In Genève Seeing My Cousin!

Written by  Ken Ku
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Claire and I Baking Rolls Claire and I Baking Rolls

When I arrived in Genève it was already quite late and all the currency exchange inside the airport were already closed and I wasn't sure if the tram would be covered with the free train ticket that the Genève airport gives you.  Just remember to pick it up at the baggage claim area.  Thankfully I found one currency exchange still open before I left the airport and found out that the train ticket will also work for the tram and busses within Genève for an hour.  It is definitely a good way to save on 3CHF!  The train ride from the airport into Genève is only one stop (Gare Cornavin) and from there I took the tram 15 towards Place de Cirque.

I can't believe it has been almost two and a half years since I've seen my cousin Claire!  Finally on November 2nd at 11pm I finally was able to change this.  It is amazing how quickly time passes and we spent many hours just chatting the time away.  It was almost 3am by the time we both went to bed.  I'm so glad that I have a chance to see Claire here in Europe!

Claire told me that during her mid-terms, she didn't have time to go grocery shopping and only ate bread and potatoes so I decided to go grocery shopping and cook while she worked on a final paper for one of her classes.  She spent most of the day working on an exam question while I rested from walking around Bruxelles with my backpack as I was quite sore.  Click here to read that adventure.

I totally lost track of time and when I woke up on Wednesday, I thought I was already supposed to leave for Zürich the following day.  When I told Claire this, she just laughed at me.  I wasn't supposed to to leave for Zürich until Saturday and I already thought it was Friday.  Since I've come to Europe, I've just been living day to day and trying not miss any of my flights.  Good thing Claire reminded me what day it really was, otherwise I would have shown up in Zürich with no where to stay!

In any case, I spent my entire time in Geneva cooking, relaxing, and just catching up with Claire.  I know that her suite mates will love the dinner rolls that I taught Claire to make.  I'm sure they will be requesting them all the time now though I'm sure they are all primarily focused on their studies.

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