Tuesday, 06 September 2011 21:16

Special Request for My Readers

Written by Ken Ku
I can hardly believe that it is already ready for me to leave Las Vegas already!  The time has just flown by now that I'm actually traveling and experiencing all these new things.  It is less than a week before I am off to Europe so I'm looking for submissions of interesting places to go/see/experience/do/eat (vegetarian please) while I'm out on my trip.  My the first several cities will include: Paris, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Barcelona,…
Monday, 05 September 2011 06:56

My Best Friend Jen

Written by Ken Ku
It has been years since the last time I came to Las Vegas and I've sure missed it!  Flying in last night I could see all the lights from the hotels lighting up the sky.  Just thinking of the kinds of glamourous parties, high stakes gambling, and other sorts of debauchery going on in Sin City was enough to keep the imagination going for hours.  But instead I was focused on seeing my best friend.…
Thursday, 01 September 2011 15:32

Adrenaline to End the Day!

Written by Ken Ku
Since we decided to come back from our trip to Monterey, we thought there might be an inkling of hope that the sunset in Santa Cruz might give us a chance to still capture some images with surfers in the background.  We went to Lighthouse Point Park where many people go to watch surfers as well as to see the lighthouse, which is also a surf museum.  From a distance, all the surfers swam in…
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 09:26

Palm Trees and California Sun

Written by Ken Ku
I've been staying with a friend in Almaden Valley for the last couple days, and will be for the rest of my time here in the Bay Area.  I lazed around the pool today without a plan and just reminisced about the time when I used to live in the Bay area. The palm trees, the pool, and the sun, it all makes me feel so...Californian.  But at heart, I am a Vancourverite and being…
Sunday, 28 August 2011 06:04

Tomorrow the Adventure Begins!

Written by Ken Ku
The movers came today.  After countless hours of stressing and panicking over whether or not I can finish packing, if the storage unit I rented will fit, everything worked out.  As it always does.  But I do have to give all the credit to my movers, they are hard working and very wonderful people.  Without them, I would have been lost and there would be no way that my house would be empty now. I…
Friday, 26 August 2011 13:35

The Excitement Builds as the Countdown Begins!

Written by Ken Ku
Soon I will be carrying all my worldly possessions on my back moving from one city to the next and the excitement (and stress) is building!  Two short days and I will be flying away from Vancouver to my first destination!  During the past few days I've spent many sleepless nights figuring out my itinerary while in Europe and I have finalized a good portion of it.  Only yesterday did it dawn on me that…