Nice (3)

Saturday, 24 September 2011 01:35

Europe's Famous Hostels - Villa Saint Exupéry

Written by Ken Ku
I can't believe that I've already been here in Nice for a week!  I have experienced so much since I have been here and staying at a hostel is one of them.  I wasn't sure what to expect when I first signed up for the whole backpacking and hosteling adventure but I have to say so far it hasn't been completely scary, though there is four more months of adventure still ahead. I am staying…
Thursday, 22 September 2011 05:38

Hanging out in Nice and Cap d'Ail with New Friends

Written by Ken Ku
I met some really great people, Katie, Marley, Shaun, and Jamie, at the hostel here in Nice and today we all decided to take a walking tour that was supposed to start at 11am.  We weren't quite sure where the tour was going to take us but wanted to check it out anyways so our gang headed towards the sister hostel for the adventure.  However had just left by the time we arrived.  We ended…
Sunday, 18 September 2011 00:40

A Long Travel Day

Written by Ken Ku
It was yet another long day of traveling.  I am starting to get used to getting rest on the run.  On the train or at the station.  If I am tired and there is an opportunity to catch some shut eye, I'll take it.  The ride from Lyon to Marseille was a long and quiet ride.  Not many travellers that early in the morning so I slept.  However, when I arrived in Marseille, it was…