Brussels (5)

Thursday, 03 November 2011 07:41

Couch Surfing

Written by Ken Ku
My trip to Brussels was very interesting for sure.  While it is not the first time that I've slept on a couch, it definitely is the first time that I've used  To sleep in a stranger's house for a few days while exploring a new country can be a very intimidating experience.  However my host, Gio, was very patient and gracious.  Also, even though we didn't know each other, we did have a mutual…
Thursday, 03 November 2011 07:40

One Last Walk Around Bruxelles...With My Backpack!

Written by Ken Ku
My last day in Bruxelles was spent walking around the city with another one of CouchSurfer that was also staying with Gio while I was there.  Since my flight was later in the evening I decided to walk around the city again with Aleksander and play the part of the tour guide.  I did have to carry my luggage with me since there wouldn't be enough time to go back to Gio's place in the…
Thursday, 03 November 2011 07:39

Oops No Maastricht...Atomium and a Movie Instead

Written by Ken Ku
Everything was planned the night before for our day excursion to Maastricht, Netherlands.  The alarm was set for 8am and we would head out to the train station buy our tickets and head on over.  The actual ride would take almost two and a half hours so we needed plenty of time in the morning to make the day trip worth while.  Plus it would be All Saints Day so no doubt there would be…
Sunday is my favourite day in Europe.  In most of the cities that I've been to there are always fresh flower markets, farmers markets, and people are always just out and about enjoying their day.  Of course it was one thing that I had to get used to when I first got here since grocery stores are not open on Sundays either.  So make sure if you needed to buy food, do it the day…
Sunday, 30 October 2011 05:53

Arrived in the Land of Waffles and Chocolate

Written by Ken Ku
I had to bid farewell to Athens today, the Acropolis, and headed off to my new destination: Brussels.  This was the first evening flight of my trip and I am glad since it allowed me a chance to take a leisurely stroll around the Acropolis again for one final look before picking up my bags and heading to the metro to head to the airport.  The Acropolis station is walking distance from the hostel that…