Airports (5)

I left Marseille today for a Spain.  It will be a whole new adventure for me!  At least in France, I had a little bit of my French that I new from back in school to get be by.  But Spanish?  That is an entirely different story!  The only one sentence that I know how to say is: dos cerveza por favor.  Still that is why it is an adventure! In any case I am sitting here at the Aéroport de Marseille Provence and it was very nice and relaxing.  Even the check in procedures.  Although I was quite early…
Sunday, 11 September 2011 05:16

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Written by Ken Ku
I serious thought I was going to miss my flight this morning.  There were an incredible amount of people just trying to check in.  Only a handful of the self service kiosks were working so that didn't help matters and when I tried to use one, it said that I had to see a clerk.  I figured I had to anyways because I had a backpack to check.  Long story short, it was just one line up after the next: long waits for the check in, even longer wait for security, then having to go to overflow security (on the…
Friday, 09 September 2011 07:00

McCarran Airport

Written by Ken Ku
Each airport is unique and McCarran is no different.  There are slot machines neatly placed in the centre, easily accessible by incoming and outgoing guests.  McCarran Airport offers incoming travellers an appetizer of what the Strip has to offer and while most people are tired after flying, some will sit down at the slot machines and try their luck.  One never knows, maybe the progressive slot machine will hit the jackpot.  For the departing, it is might offer one last chance to reclaim what was lost.  Just don't forget to redeem your tickets before you board your flight!  No matter…
Sunday, 04 September 2011 12:36

San Francisco International Airport

Written by Ken Ku
After seeing some friends and attending a birthday party it is time to leave San Francisco.  I have just checked in at San Francisco International Airport and this terminal is larger and busier than Vancouver.  There are three domestic terminals plus the international terminal with a tram connecting them in a circular loop.  It seems like the airports that I've visited so far have all been modern in design utilizing metal and glass.  While SFO may not be the busiest airport in America, I don't know if I want to be going through security here during the day.  The wait…
Monday, 29 August 2011 00:12

Vancouver International Airport - YVR

Written by Ken Ku
I can't believe it is finally time to leave!  Now that I am at the airport it seems so surreal.  Even though I've been to this airport countless times, it seems so new to me and it is enhancing the excitement.  Soon I will be boarding my first flight to San Francisco and my backpacking adventure will begin.  There were times during the day leading to this point where I thought the whole adventure might have to be postponed since there were still last minute things to be done.  However, thankfully it was all done just in the nick of…