Monday, 29 August 2011 00:31

Boarding My Flight at YVR

About to get the trip started!  Taking some shots while boarding my flight to San Francisco on a flight with United Airlines.  Hopefully they won't loose my luggage.

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Monday, 29 August 2011 00:12

Vancouver International Airport - YVR

I can't believe it is finally time to leave!  Now that I am at the airport it seems so surreal.  Even though I've been to this airport countless times, it seems so new to me and it is enhancing the excitement.  Soon I will be boarding my first flight to San Francisco and my backpacking adventure will begin.  There were times during the day leading to this point where I thought the whole adventure might have to be postponed since there were still last minute things to be done.  However, thankfully it was all done just in the nick of…

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Sunday, 28 August 2011 06:04

Tomorrow the Adventure Begins!

The movers came today.  After countless hours of stressing and panicking over whether or not I can finish packing, if the storage unit I rented will fit, everything worked out.  As it always does.  But I do have to give all the credit to my movers, they are hard working and very wonderful people.  Without them, I would have been lost and there would be no way that my house would be empty now. I…

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Soon I will be carrying all my worldly possessions on my back moving from one city to the next and the excitement (and stress) is building!  Two short days and I will be flying away from Vancouver to my first destination!  During the past few days I've spent many sleepless nights figuring out my itinerary while in Europe and I have finalized a good portion of it.  Only yesterday did it dawn on me that…

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Saturday, 20 August 2011 05:57

Bon Voyage Party and the Almost Disaster!

I had a very memorable evening with 14 of my closest friends at the Oakwood Canadian Bistro today.  It was a laid back environment and the service was pretty good, attentive and not completely in your face.  The food was sensational!  Absolutely amazing.  I've never had such great artichokes...and the ravioli.  Amazing.  In the end, I'm just glad that it all worked out well.  Originally I had made reservations downtown at the Granville Room for…

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Friday, 12 August 2011 03:11


Welcome to the Where is Ken Today? I will be leaving my beautiful hometown, Vancouver, British Columbia, on August 28th for a whole year!  My first stop will be one of my favourite cities, San Francisco.  I spent almost 7 years there for school and work so it will definitely be nice to visit again.  It is time to catch up with friends, eat burritos, and maybe this time I'll even check out the local…

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